An Ascension Space

is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to providing physical health, emotional expression, mental clarity, and spiritual wisdom to all, through the use of ​somatic movement, ​performance art, and holistic education.

About An Ascension Space

A place where everyone can blossom into their best self.

Ascension is the act of rising to an important position or a higher level and we belief this is possible for every human. Body-Mind-Spirit: we are on the verge of making an evolutionary leap in our ability to love ourselves and others.

What we offer:

Somatic Movement

Kids to adult, we aim to get people moving and feeling good in their body. We offer Kids Creative Movement, holistic personal training, and adult GEM Fitness classes in St. Croix USVI and online.

Performance Art

Ascension Space Productions high vibration, high quality performance art/theater shows that appeal to a diverse audience. Productions feature dance, live music, poetry, prose, aerial, fire spinning, hooping, juggling, mixed media, and more!!

Holistic Education

Blending science and spirituality we offer a whole-body interconnected world view for healing ourselves and the planet.


Lynn helped me move through that and clear the blocks and helped me gain some confidence and clarity about the next steps I wanted to take in terms of my future. I can now express my truth authentically and I feel more calm and centered when I'm faced with a challenging dynamic.

Barb | 7 figure CEO & Mom of 2

I am so much more myself and excited about what the possibilities are. I feel more connected to spirit and I have a greater sense alignment with my purpose in a more specific way than I had been. Lynn's work is exactly channeled for you exactly based on your life story.

Robin | Soulpreneur & Mom of 1